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Meet the team at Best Escrow, LLC!

Joline Fullwiler has spent 16 years exploring the details of the escrow industry. She got her start in 1995 in the busy real estate law & escrow office at Sharon E. Best Law & Escrow, learning everything she needed to know about her passion for the escrow process. In 2006, she obtained her Limited Practice Officer License.


She discovered early in her career that she enjoys helping people through the exciting process of buying or selling a home, or facilitating a smooth refinance. Due to her conscientious attention to detail and follow-through, she has developed an excellent reputation in the real estate industry and is eager to show you what she can do.

Cindy Benedict has been an escrow professional for more than 11 years. Her career in escrow began almost immediately after joining Sharon E. Best Law & Escrow in 2002.  Within months after being hired as the receptionist, she was working in the escrow department and obtained her Limited Practice Officer License in 2007, making the escrow process the center of her career.


Meeting different people, working with others in the industry, and working through difficult closings are some aspects of the job she enjoys most. With a reputation to go above and beyond for her clients, Cindy is a respected member of the real estate community.

Joline Fullwiler

Cindy Benedict

We enjoyed working together at Sharon E. Best Law & Escrow which has given us the opportunity to merge our talents and knowledge into creating Best Escrow, LLC.

Joline and Cindy


When you're looking for the right escrow services for you, no one will be by your side

like our team.